Q1. When was the company established?

Toyo Kanetsu K.K. (TKK) was established on May 16, 1941.

Q2. When were the stocks listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange?

Listed on the Second Section in October 1961, and on the First Section in February 1970.

Q3. I would like to visit the web pages of the affiliated companies.

The links to our group companies are accessible from “About TKK group” of “Company Profile”.

Q1. What is the fiscal year end?

The fiscal year end is the end of March of each year.

Q2. How can I obtain the latest settlement information?

It is available in "Finance/Performance transition".

Q3. Where can I find earnings forecast?

For our earnings forecast, please access "Earnings Forecast" in "Finance/Performance transition".

Q4. How can I see the transition of your business performance?

For the transition of our business performance, please access "Finance/Performance transition".

Q1. What is your securities code?

Our securities code is 6369.

Q2. What is the stock exchange unit?

100 stocks.

Q3. Do you have any shareholder special benefit plan?

Unfortunately we do not have any shareholder special benefit plans.