Management Policy

Basic Management Policy

Based on our founding philosophy of "Be creative, be good for the society" We, Toyo Kanetsu K.K. (TKK) endevor to contribute toward the future advancement of societal infrastructure through a central focus on sophisticated energy and logistics technologies. With Company efforts rooted in this approach, we strive for management that takes consideration of the viewpoints of shareholders, customers, clients, employees and local society as we pursue our goals of continuous Group growth and enhanced corporate value.

Mid-term Corporate Management Strategy and Issues to Be Addressed

The TKK Group has established the Group Mid-term Management Plan for fiscal 2016?18 with the aim of actualizing the above management policy. In order to address predicted relaxation in supply-demand balances, increases in e-commerce and other changes in the market environment during the plan's implementation period, we have established the following four management objectives based on our slogan "Challenge & Change," which represents an approach not limited to traditional business fields, business processes and so forth.

  • 1. Expansion of business fields
  • 2. Transition to a stronger profit structure and enhancement of competitiveness
  • 3. Utilization of strengths from existing business activities to pursue endeavors in new business fields
  • 4. Cultivation of a corporate governance framework that facilitates suitable levels of risk-taking in corporate activities

Our Fundamental Approach to Corporate Governance

In the TKK Group, we consider the strengthening of corporate governance to be one of our top management priorities. That is why we make every effort to ensure efficient, sound, transparent management while working toward precise decision-making, quick execution of business affairs, and the cultivation of a corporate governance framework enabling appropriate supervision and control.