Plant & Machinery Business

Starting in 1950, we began applying welding technologies developed over the years to the manufacturing of welded petroleum tanks. Since then, we have expanded operations to build more than 5,700 safe, economical, high-quality tanks offering the structural integrity needed for large-capacity installations—including crude oil storage tanks, LNG and LPG cryogenic storage tanks and high-pressure spherical tanks—to countries around the globe which export petroleum and natural gas as well as their consumer-nation counterparts.
As a dedicated storage tank manufacturer, we offer full-process EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) including maintenance to achieve high-performance project execution for tanks and auxiliary equipment/facilities while leveraging the pricing and geographical advantages of manufacturing products at overseas locations.
These are part of our efforts to support the energy-related needs of people worldwide through energy-source storage facilities.

While adopting new construction methods, materials and other technologies, we have successfully built some of the largest aboveground storage tanks in the world, including a 180,000 kl crude oil tank and a 230,000 kl LNG tank. We keep on pursuing further technological advances as a leader in the field.

About Procurement

TKK is always willing to take up offers from candidate vendors to supply materials, parts, equipment and service around the world. In selecting procurement sources we place importance on a fair and open process. We focus not only on customer satisfaction but also on coexistence and co-prosperity with partner companies. Please see the list of equipments, materials and services we procure, for your prospective cooperation with us.