Tank Rejuvenation

Life Extension of Aging Tanks

Above-ground storage tanks deteriorate over a long time service. Corrosions, which are the most typical defects, on the steel cause serious incidents. Repairing of the tank at an appropriate time and in a proper way can extend the service life. Tank rejuvenation contributes to the safe operation as well as your facilities life.

Tank Roof

Tank Bottom Plate

Tank Shell

Why TKK ?

As a dedicated storage tank manufacturer with more than 75 years of experience, TKK is committed to providing high value and world-class customer services to our clients. Using our extensive knowledge of the tank manufacturing, TKK provide plant owner with professional services of exceptional value from planning through cleaning, inspection and repair.

Our Services

Investigation and Diagnosis

  • Site Investigation by Professional Team
  • Tank Diagnosis of Corrosion, Material Thickness, Leakage, Defect etc.
  • Propose Optimal Repair Plan

Tank Repair / Replacement Works

  • Repair / Replacement of Tank Main Components
  • Repair / Replacement of Tank Accessories

Alteration Works

  • Tank Roof Alteration for Floating Roof Tank
  • Reinforcement of Column Bracing for Spherical Tank

Other Works

  • Perlite Topping Up for Low Temperature Double Wall Tank
    After years in service, local settlement of the Perlite reduces the insulation efficiency, and causes cold spots on the outer surface of the tank.
    TKK can offer the perlite topping-up service on live tanks with proven methodology.

Rejuvenation Method

Replacement of Bottom Plates

TKK can propose optimum solutions for the replacement of annular and bottom plates following detailed inspections using a variety of jack-up techniques.

  • Full Jack-up Method
    • Use of special jacking systems ensures the tank repair to be completed in a safe and efficient manner.
    • Enable the foundation repair and the bottom plate replacement to be executed at a time.
  • Local Jack-up Method
    • Suitable for the partial replacement of bottom plate.
    • Can be adopted when the extent of repair is limited and so is the given time window.
  • TKK-Wedge Method
    • A non-jacking technique to replace the tank bottom plate by supporting the tank with support pieces and simple jigs only.
    • Simplify the entire repair process and therefore reduce the work time and safety risks.

Lifting Tank with Jacks

Annular and Bottom Plates Replacement

Full Jack-up for Double Wall Tank

Replacement of Floating Roofs

TKK can offer services for a complete replacement of any type of floating roof in accordance with the latest Codes and Standards.

  • Dismantle Existing
    Floating Roof
  • Construction
    New Floating Roof

Tank Roof Alteration

TKK can modify tank roof as follows.

Open Top Floating RoofCovered Floating Roof

Single Deck Floating RoofDouble Deck Floating Roof

Steel Floating RoofAluminum Floating Roof

Steel Floating Roof  →  Aluminum Floating Roof

Supply and Replacement of Tank Accessories

TKK have been providing and replacing tank spare parts such as sealing material, drain pipe, heater cable, and flange. Furthermore, TKK can propose the alternative equipment with technical endorsement instead of the original, e.g. the latest model, more economical product.

Floating Roof Seal Replacement

Floating Roof Drain System Replacement