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Company Profile

Toyo Kanetsu K.K.(TKK) was established as Toyo Kanetsu Kogyo K.K. in May 1941, and began production and sales of industrial furnaces. Currently, the Plant & Machinery Division and Material Handling System Division are the two pillars of our business.

Taking advantage of its outstanding welding technology, the Plant & Machinery Division began production of many kinds of welded tanks in 1950. It has constructed various tanks such as crude oil storage tanks, LNG cryogenic storage tanks, LPG low-temperature storage tanks, and high-pressure spherical tanks. They have excellent features in terms of safety and economic efficiency, and can respond to upsizing. We have manufactured them both in Japan and other countries. We have constructed some of the largest tanks in the world, such as 180,000-kiloliter tanks for crude oil (land-based) and 188,000-kiloliter tanks for LNG. In this way, we have been rewriting the record books. We always strive to develop new technologies, and have delivered more than 5,700 tanks in various countries around the world.

Thanks to our advanced processing technology, accumulated over many years, and rich experience in construction, we were designated as a Fabrication Shop certified by the American Petroleum Institute (API) in 1958, the first company in Japan to achieve this. Also, in 1994 we were awarded the ISO 9001 certificate, the first Japanese tank maker to achieve this. In 2005 we, as Toyo Kanetsu Chiba Plant, were awarded the JAPEIC-PCC certificate for the welding management process stipulated in the Japanese Electricity Business Act. Backed up by these achievements, we are committed to total plant engineering, including civil engineering, pipework, and instrumentation.

The Material Handling System Division has always been offering systems that are ahead of their time in various fields, such as distribution centers, truck terminals, airport baggage handling systems, and mail sorting equipment, based on the experience and know-how we have accumulated since 1953. Especially for sorting and picking systems and information technology devices, which are crucial for material handling systems, we have a number of records and have received high commendation from our customers. In 2002, the Division became a subsidiary company as Toyo Kanetsu Solutions K.K. in order to enhance its competitive edge. It offers solutions based on the concept of integration of IT and material handling systems, and uses its extensive know-how to develop operations inside distribution warehouses. At present, we are proactively working on new concept products considering the environment and energy saving; developing industry-leading new products; making proposals for reform, renewal, and material handling improvement with existing distribution centers; and establishing a community-based sales management system that can promptly respond to our customers’ requests.