Products Introduction

Cryogenic & low temperature tanks

Flat-bottomed Cylindrical Double Shell Storage Tanks with PC Outer Wall

This storage unit consists of an inner tank with 9% nickel alloy steel or aluminum material, and an outer tank with Pre-stressed Concrete or Reinforced Concrete. The space between inner and outer tank is insulated with loose perlite and fiberglass blanket. This type of tank is suitable for the cryogenic storage product such as LNG, LPG and Ethylene. Storage temperature is under -100 Celsius.

Supply Record:

Brunei, Malaysia, Australia, Korea, Trinidad and Tobago, Yemen, Angola, Indonesia, Japan, etc.

Flat-bottomed Cylindrical Double Shell Storage Tanks with Metal Outer Wall

Basic structure is same on the left, but carbon steel plate is used for outer tank. This type of tank is suitable for the low temperature storage product such as LNG, LPG and Ethylene.

Supply Record:

Indonesia, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Korea, Japan, etc.

Flat-bottomed Cylindrical Single Shell Storage Tanks

This type of storage tank has the basic construction of ordinary dome roof tanks. The outer surface of shell and its adjoining area is insulated against heat leak and humidity penetration with polyurethane foam, foamglas or similar materials. This unit can be used to store liquefied gases such as butane and ammonia, which have a relatively high critical temperature.

Supply Record:

Greece, Iran, Libya, Algeria, United Arab Emirates, Japan, etc.

Atmospheric-pressure adiabatic vertical cylindrical tank

Made of metallic outer and inner tanks with perlite filled in between, the tank is suitable for storing liquefied natural gas (LNG) and liquefied nitrogen (LN2). Operation and control is easy with its design versatility for high operating pressure.

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Atmospheric storage tanks

Floating Roof Tanks

Roof section is floating on the stored product, and sealing device is installed on the peripheral space between roof and shell plate to prevent the stored product from vaporization. This type of tank is suitable for storage of high volatile products such as crude, gasoline, naphtha, etc.

Supply Record:

Bahamas, Iran, United Arab Emirates,Qatar, Nigeria, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Japan, etc.

Cone Roof Tanks

Tanks with conical fixed roofs are commonly used for storing low volatile products such as heavy oil, kerosene, diesel oil, water, etc.

Supply Record:

Kuwait, Qatar,Algeria, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan, etc.

Dome Roof Tanks

Reference and characteristics of dome roof tank is the spherical surface of roof which have severe strength to the tank internal pressure. This type of tanks is applicable to volatile products, and N2 gas blanket system is commonly installed when high-volatile product is stored.

Supply Record:

Singapore, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Malaysia, Vietnam, Japan, etc.

Pressure vessels (spherical tanks)

Spherical Tanks

Products which are gases at normal atmospheric temperatures and high pressures, such as butadiene, butane, and many other petrochemical products are stored most economically in spherical pressure tanks.

Supply Record:

Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, China, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Vietnam, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, India, Japan, etc.

Double Shell Spherical Tanks

This type of sphere consists of inner sphere and outer sphere, is used to store liquefied gas such as ethylene, oxygen, nitrogen, etc. at cryogenic temperatures. The space between inner and outer sphere is insulated with perlite.

Supply Record:

Taiwan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Japan

Cylindrical Pressure Vessels

This type of tanks is used to store the liquefied products which are gases at normal atmospheric temperatures and high pressures, and suitable for relatively small capacity(less than 100m3). Commonly, this unit is fully assembled at fabrication shop and delivered to the site.

Supply Record:

Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan

Other related facilities

Piping-related Operations

New construction of piping facilities, tie-in work to the existing facilities and modification. New construction and modification of supporting structure for piping, etc.

Supply Record:

Brunei, Algeria, United Arab Emirates, Japan